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Buyers Guide to Personalized Clothing

The marketing executive of a textile company has a tight job while dispatching the different types of clothing to the show rooms. If the executive is meticulous enough to classify clothing to their appropriate destinations in the market he is sure to boost the profit level of the company. Sometimes it so happens that a haphazard reshuffling of different types of clothes, sending them to road side vendors ends up in the stagnation of stock. In order to be recognized as toppers in the textile market branding of clothes on the criteria desired by the common man and the rich man equally is essential. All the cadres of the society have to be kept in mind while supplying textiles.

The norms that fit in domestic wear are quite simple. Comfort is the key word. Movements of the body have to be assisted with similar adjustments of the size, texture and durability of the clothes. A busy day will call for not a very gaudy color and design, not very thick and tight clothing, not to speak of the dirt they can accumulate in the course of the work. Durability is also primary as one cannot keep selecting for a normal daily routine.

Personalized clothing for parties and get together involves a variety of factors like trend, fashion, mood, season, the style fever and so on. This is the area where the fashion designers resource their creativity. If color and comfort are the key notes they are sure to click.

Designing of clothes for social celebrations and memorable events like marriages and anniversaries and foundation ceremonies and high teas, calls for a deep understanding of the customs and traditions of the society for which they are styled. Showbiz is the keyword as everybody involved here is very eager not only to present themselves in their best attire, but also to win applause for the same from their near and dear. Care is needed to ensure a high level of attraction for such clothing.

Office outfits and casual wears invoke relatively lesser amount of energy in selection of designs colors and textures because they entail permutations and combinations of almost identical textures, popular eye catching colors, and acceptable trends which are already well established and only need to be renewed.