Discover the Many Benefits of Lyocell

Discover the Many Benefits of Lyocell

Chances are that you don’t think about your bedroom sheets all that much. Most of us don’t. They’re an aspect of life which we tend to take for granted – that is, of course, unless you find yourself tossing and turning at night because your sheets are too warm, rough, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable. The same goes for clothing and undergarments as well. You never want to find yourself literally “hot under the collar” because the fabric of your shirt traps heat to the point that you become supremely uncomfortable.

It is for that reason that you’ll want to look at some of the alternative fabrics on the market today. One of the great industry leaders in this regard is Lyocell. It is an innovative type of fabric that combines a wide range of all-natural and synthesised characteristics. As Lyocell becomes more and more popular, however, it is worth asking – just what is Lyocell like, and what characteristics does it possess to deserve this huge surge in popularity?

The Many Upsides to Lyocell

To answer the first question at the outset, Lyocell is smooth, soft to the touch, and breathes incredibly well. That may seem simple, but those three key answers to what Lyocell is really like are the key to its rising popularity.

Of course, there are many facets to that answer as well. There are many upsides to using Lyocell, including the following:

  • All-Natural Vibe: Lyocell is made from all-natural, sustainable sources such as wood and pulp
  • Thermal Regulation: One of the most common problems with other fabrics is, as stated, feeling too hot or too cold. Lyocell gives that Goldilocks feeling, keeping the temperature just right every time. The fibres absorb moisture better than cotton, which in turn allows the fabric itself to remain cooler and dryer for
  • Bacteria-Resistant: No one wants bacteria growing beneath their sheets or undergarments. Lyocell’s blend of all-natural fabrics are, as stated, better at dealing with moisture than cotton is, which in turn helps make them more resistant to what moisture plus warmth so often breeds – bacteria. As such, Lyocell is clearly a great choice from a purely hygienic standpoint.
  • Eco-Friendly: As we become more eco-conscious, sustainability and green-friendliness counts for more. Lyocell scores on both accounts, making it a great long-term fabric solution.
  • Great Breathability: As stated, Lyocell’s cellulose fibres allow for a far greater deal of breathability than its competitors, making Lyocell fabrics that much more comfortable.
  • Affordability: With all of these factors in mind, it is also worth noting that Lyocell, due to its sustainable nature, is rapidly becoming one of the most affordable fabric options on the market today.

Trustworthy Outlets

When purchasing new sheets, articles of clothing, or any kind of fabric, you’re naturally going to want to buy from a team you can trust. The best sellers of Lyocell throughout the world have the edge on the competition in this regard as well. For years, they have worked to cultivate a trustworthy track record.

Discover the many benefits of Lyocell for yourself!