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Getting An Excellent Deal On Beautiful Silver Jewellery In Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country that millions of tourists enjoy visiting every year. They come for the tropical beaches and clear blue water, fantastic weather, friendly people, delicious food, and amazing shopping for products such as silver jewellery. Thailand is a primary global distribution centre for polished gemstones and finished jewellery, which means there are many beautiful jewellery pieces you can buy at fantastic prices. If you are heading to Thailand soon and are interested in purchasing some silver chains at wholesale prices, below are some tips to help you get the best deal possible.

Shopping For The Best Jewellery Deals

You will need to shop around when you are looking for the best deals for silver jewellery, and you will want to avoid looking at the stores in the big shopping malls. These stores are often significantly more expensive than other independent retailers, as they have much higher overheads. There are plenty of independent jewellery stores you can look at outside the shopping malls, and you will also want to explore the various markets in Bangkok to find some excellent deals. Once you see something you like, you will need to ask the price and start the haggling process.

Haggling Over The Price

You can haggle on the price of many goods and services in Thailand, and jewellery is one. When you see something that you like, you can ask the vendor how much it costs and start the sales negotiation. You need to ensure you do not offend the vendor by countering with an offer that is too low, and you need to find a level where you can both negotiate until you get a price you are happy with paying. However, further savings can be available, so it is worth taking your passport when you go shopping.

Making Additional Saving Buying Silver Jewellery

As a tourist in Thailand, you can shop for many things, and you can defer the 7% VAT that is charged on goods and services. Some shops are members of the tax refund for tourists scheme, where you can avoid paying the 7% VAT if you have your passport with you and meet the requirements. However, this is a paid scheme, so not all shops are members, but you can still claim back the VAT before you leave Thailand and g home. All you need to do is fill in the paperwork and present your receipt at the airport, and the refund can be processed quickly, offering you a considerable saving on your purchases.