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The Unstoppable Digital Development Revolution 

Never before has humanity developed at such a fast pace. In a hundred years we have gone from mechanical analogue to high-speed digital data transfer and this fast-paced advance doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Internet of Things is powered by low-orbit 5G satellites, which will give hi-speed data transfer to every square inch of the planet and real-time communication is not regarded as anything special. 


Smartphones of the future 

If we look at the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone, you find cameras of professional quality and cutting-edge processing speed. To match the technology, you can also buy premium quality phone cases, click here to buy S10 phone case, from an established Australian supplier.


All commands will be voice within a few years, most devices have this feature as an option and while AI continues to develop, you will soon be able to forge a relationship with an AI app. Google will be constantly talking to you, knowing your location, where you are going and even what you are planning to do when you get there. 



Artificial intelligence seems to know no bounds, machine learning is being used to improve every aspect of our lives. As far back as 2016, a super computer called AlphaGo beat the world Go champion in the best of 5 games, which happened a full decade before it was expected.  


Smart homes 

Future homes will all be integrated into a single central computer, using the IoT to send and receive data; you can turn on the a/c at home using your smartphone from the office and start the dinner cooking at a precise time. If an intruder tried to gain access, you would be immediately informed and the local police would attend, while your home help robot would make sure the home is ready when you arrive. 


Digital currency 

They say we are moving out of a cash society, opting instead to go 100% digital; many people are justifiably worried that governments would control our money. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are well-established, using blockchain technology, so it is very likely that we will see the end of cash within 20 years.  


QR codes 

QR codes have transformed our lives in many ways, you can scan a QR code and pay for a product, or be taken to a website; we predict the use of QR codes will increase, as the world goes 100% digital. 


Facial recognition 

AI manages huge systems that track citizens, China is already monitoring its population using public facial recognition systems that track a person from the moment they enter the street until they enter a building. This means the authorities always know your exact location. 

Where it will lead no one really knows, we’ll just have to wait and see!