What to Do If a Stairlift Stops Working

What to Do If a Stairlift Stops Working

Mobility devices can be of great help for both caregivers and disabled persons. A stairlift is a must-have for moving a disabled person up the stairs. But if a stairlift stops moving, it can create a lot of problems for the caregiver.

However, there are a few steps you can take to try and restart your stairlift. Sometimes the problem can be fixed at home, but if it persists, then you will have to call in a professional.

Check the Power Button

In order for a stairlift to move, both the power buttons must be on. The key must also be turned on for the stairlift to work. Sometimes people may forget to turn on one of the buttons. So, if your stairlift isn’t moving, the first step you should take is to make sure that the power button is on. If the buttons are on, check the key to make sure that it is turned in the right direction.

Call in a Professional

Once you get a stairlift, keep the number of the supplier handy because you can need their help at any time. If your stairlift isn’t working or randomly beeping, you will need the help of a stairlift engineer in Market Harborough to get the problem fixed. It is best to ask the supplier to send in an engineer to fix your stairlift as they would be familiar with its working.

Don’t forget to:

  • Carry your phone at all times so you can call for assistance right away
  • Call someone over for help if the stairlift stops midway
  • Call if the stairlift stops working

These are some of the things to avoid when using a stairlift and making sure that it operates smoothly without any problems.